Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Holiday Wrap-Up

Jan. 26---- hard to believe. Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I realized I needed to wrap up my Christmas event pictures. I have so many pictures it's almost staggering-- here are a few:

Englund family Christmas--

One of life's big blessings--- lots and lots of cousins!!!

Clayton and Kelsey playing in the basement.

Gotta love all the gadgets kids (okay, we adults like them pretty well, too) are entertained with these days! Caleb.

Kelsey and cute little Allie.

Little Addison

I LOVE how Emme really latched on to me this visit. Lots of fun!!

Sonic and Sugar Cookies...soooooo good!!! :-)

Stocking Time--

Well into the festivities!!! What a blast!!!

The guys enjoyed helping my dad work on clearing land by cutting some wood. Actually, enjoyed might be an understatement. Mark LOVED it! Maybe something to do with a new chain saw he received for his birthday in December. :-)

Sheep Rides:

Burley New Year's Activities--

We went to Michigan a few days after Christmas to spend time with Mark's side of the family. When it was time to load up the van my camera was MIA. I am thankful that Khara and Kelsey captured memories on their cameras.

Allison, Harmony, and Kelsey----Sweet!!

Silly!! :-)

Burley cousins-- checkin' out Kristen's pictures.

Just about every year we order pizza from somewhere. There is always a new delicious place to order from. YUM!!!!!

Kelsey with the soon to be wed niece, Harmony. Kelsey was telling me she sure hopes she still gets to see Harmony alot after she is married! ;-)


Hope your New Year is off to a wonderful start!! We are trying to enjoy life to the fullest!!! We are so Blessed!!!!


Brenda said...

Enjoyed all the pictures! Christmas was a ton of fun!! I was so surprised to read your camera was MIA! :-) jk!!

Jana said...

Brenda-- About the camera, I almost made mention of the fact that this would come of such shock to some of my family!! :-)