Friday, January 07, 2011

Christmas Memories

Wow, it's hard to believe I typed the word "memories" after Christmas already. Seems like I am only hitting the holidays on this blog anymore.. I guess better "some(posts) than none", right?? :-)

We had a simply wonderful Christmas season this year!! I did 90% of our shopping this year from the comfort of my home , a.k.a. on-line!!! :-) What a huge difference in the stress level of gifting!!! LOVE it!!! My family came to Missouri for Christmas (we missed Phil and Dana, who are in Africa). Then we made the trip to Michigan to be with Mark's family for New Years.

Some of our holiday activities:

Our holiday tradition, making a gingerbread house.

Complete project!!

Kaden's kindergarten class the evening of their Christmas program. sweet, sweet...

With a couple of his little buddies.

Making Christmas cookies. I may still have cookie dough on the tile but they LOVED it!!!

ooops, forgot to turn this one...

Christmas Sunday at church.

Sisters are the Best!!!

Kaden and Karson in front of our dining room gingerbread tree.

The evening we opened gifts-- 4 VERY excited children!!!

I love having expressive, excited, kids!!!

I think Khara and Kelsey were just as excited as Kaden when he opened his DS. :-)

Khara, thrilled with this package!!

Karson went right to work/play with one of his gifts.

I'll save our extended family Christmas family pictures for another post. Have a wonderful weekend!!!


The Salisburys said...

Love these! We got our son a DS also. He is enjoying it!:) Have a wonderful 2011:)

Brenda said...

Enjoyed the update! Loved the pictures. The expressions for the presents are priceless! When I enlarged the picture of the kids on Christmas Sunday, Clayton said, "They are cute. I miss them!" :-)

Anonymous said...

You have such a wonderful family. Looks like they enjoyed their Christmas...cookie baking and all.

The Dickinsons said...

Glad you updated, it was fun seeing your pics. I hope that you and your family are doing great! =)