Wednesday, January 26, 2011


While looking at my past posts, I realized I had never posted this one from the first of November. Better late than never!!

For the first time, our little town is offering a Basketball program for little ones. When the note came home from school, Kaden just knew he wanted to be in it!!! :-) It is very similar to the well known "Upwards" program, they just used a different name to avoid the high price tag associated with that program.
He is really enjoying it and we are really enjoying watching!!! ;-) Have you ever watched a group of 5 & 6 year-olds try to play an organized game of B-ball?? Very entertaining!!! :-)


Ready for their first game. The girl to the right of Kaden was less than impressed. They give them each a colored clip for their shirt so that they can remember who they are to be guarding on the other team. The opponent to be guarded has a matching colored clip.

Mid game drink break.

And so the sport through the middle of December. After watching Kaden, Khara has decided that she wants to play. Her practice will start this Saturday....

The season is now over and they both LOVED it, esp. Khara!!! I'll have to get some pics. on of her playing.

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