Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Branson--Shepherd of the Hills

I just realized that I had never published this post from our summer vacation in Branson. Better late than never, huh?? :-)

Shepherd of the Hills--LOVE this outdoor drama!!

They have a pre-show frog-jumping contest for kids. Kaden was all about that. Actually Khara loved it too. One huge bullfrog!!

Kelsey wanted no part of holding a frog.

Young Matt and Sammy Lane


Mandy--Sammy Lane's friend!

My kids LOVE drama so this show was a real hit!! They can't wait to go back!


Brenda said...

Just LOVE that picture of the girls with Ollie! :-)

Stephanie said...

Shepherd of the Hills is awesome! I had my photos taken with the actors when I was around 16...of course, Young Matt was just so hot! Haha!

Aaron H. said...

Do you get season passes? :-)

Robyn Huff said...

I'd LOVE to see that again! Saw it so many times as a kid, but it has been YEARS! I used to just think Young Matt was the best thing since sliced bread...hee, hee!

The Salisburys said...

I am seeing a pattern here. What was it with Young Matt???!!!!