Monday, October 05, 2009

Precious Moments Chapel

In September we took a little trip to Precious Moments Chapel. We are only about an hour from the chapel but had never taken the kids. I always find it interesting to see the changes/additions that Mr. Butcher(the creator of Precious Moments) has made since my last visit. He has made the final painting on the big Hallelujah Square Scene. He has also created the figurine, character, (not sure what they call it) to be released once he passes away. He included that figure on the Hallelujah Square Scene--Bitter Sweet!

In totally unrelated news, Khara had a little scare at school a few weeks ago. The nurse called me and told me they thought Khara may have fractured her thumb! Dr. visits and X-rays later, we were so thankful to learn that it was just badly sprained/jammed. Who would have thought that a cartwheel can do this to your thumb?? This picture does not show near the extent of coloring that her thumb turned--I was amazed!


Brenda said...

Love that first picture of the kids. Looks like everyone was having fun. I'd like to go back there someday soon.

Nancy said...

That sounds like a place I would LOVE to visit! I love the Precious Moments figurines, although I've never collected them!