Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fall Festivites

What a great weekend!! We did the usual--Halloween Parties, Carving Pumpkins, and Trick-or-Treating which made for some very happy kids! :-)

One more last pumpkin hug before chopping into it!

Khara esp. loves getiing her hands into anything messy/slimy/grimy like this!! :-)

Masterpieces created by Mark and the kids. I was roasting the yummy pumpkin seeds for us to snack on!

Karson was still a little unsure of Kaden's face paint.

Our little Indian girl with her papoose.

Khara the artist!

And, the little Indian who would NOT wear his headband and feather! :-)

Taking Inventory :-)

Karson learning how to give the big fake smile!


Brenda said...

LOVED all the costumes - they turned out great! Looks like their candy stash should last a while! :-)

Rob and Deanna said...

Looks like a lot of fun AND Sugar! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love these pictures! Karson is really getting big, and I just love his smile!! I love all their costumes too -- soo creative!! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute costumes! What a fun time.

Keith and Crystal said...

What precious kids you have. Thanks for the comment on our blog....I don't mind lurkers, I just like to know who they are. :) I'm glad left a comment.

You have a beautiful family! Do you live in MO?