Thursday, June 14, 2007

Nine Years and Counting!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, Mark and I celebrated 9 years of "WEDDED BLISS"!!!! Time flies when you're havin' fun!! :-) I am so very thankful that God gave me such a wonderful spouse!!

I was thumbing through some of my wedding pics. and was surprised at how many of my fellow bloggers were either in attendance or their spouse was. Many wonderful memories!!!

The attendants and children.

My miniature bride--who is now in nursing school!! Now that could almost start to make me feel old. :-)

The musicians: Mark's brother-Gene, my now b-i-l- Aaron Herring, the happy couple, Dorcas, and Phil Bishop (who were only dating at the time).

**notice the step that I was able to take advantage of for most of the pictures, standing beside 6'7" everything helps ** :-)


Brenda said...

WOW! A lot changes in 9 years. :-) It was neat to see these pictures again. I didn't know Savanah was in nursing school - that's great!

Aaron H. said...

Wow! How time changes things! Keith had some hair, and I was just a few pounds lighter. :-)


Les said...

Everything looked beautiful! Purple is my favorite color and I almost used it for my bridesmaid's dresses. I decided to change it to navy blue since it's Scott's favorite color. (Even though I don't believe he cared what color it was!)

dorcas said...

Happy Anniversary! Lots of them this time of year. We were married in August on the only Saturday available for the whole summer. Philip traveled for the school so we wouldv'e been out of luck if we hadn't chosen 8/21. I think he started school the week that we got back from our honeymoon. The joys of being college students!

Angie Davis said...

We got married exactly one week later!

Kendall & Leanna said...

Happy Anniversary! Loved the pics!

Beth Dickinson said...

Happy Anniversary! I cant belive that it has been 9 years. Thats awesome!

Beth, Michael and Isaiah

Phillip D said...

Congratulations! I wish that I could have been there on your special day. We miss you all so much.

Martha C said...

So glad you posted these.
Hope your anniversary was a special one!

Phillip D said...

Mark, Happy Father's Day a couple days late.


~Heather~ said...

Adorable wedding pics!! I soooo wanted to be at y'all's wedding, but it was not possible! =( Y'al had a beautiful wedding. That was cute you standing on the steps to sort of be taller next to your GIANT of a husband. =) SOOOO GLAD THAT Y'ALL ARE HAPPILY MARRIED...when you are in God's will and have a good Christian husband, life could not be better!!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my grill-out post.

Take care,
Love, Heather =)

Nancy said...

Congratulations on 9 years! I loved seeing the pictures. You were such a pretty bride Jana. It was also fun to see Kendall when he was just a kid!

Anonymous said...

Loved the wedding pictures!