Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fun Friday!!

Fridays around our house are errand days!! A little tiring, but lots of fun! Now that Khara and Kelsey are out of school for summer break (WOOO-HOOO) they got to join in on the "running".

Our day in review:

Went to Nevada to pick up the pictures ordered of Kelsey and Kaden. They were finally in!! The studio kept an 8x10 of each of them to enter in a national "Little Cutie Contest" held later this month. We're keeping our fingers crossed. j/k ;-)

Enjoyed the beautiful summer weather by playing for a while at the park.

Mark's UPS route is in Nevada, so we were able to meet him for lunch at a neat little restaurant, "Cowboy's Grill". Used another discount gift cert. :-)

Anytime we see Mark in his truck the kids want to "tour" all over/through it.
And, always ask the same question, "Daddy, what's in this box???" only to get the same answer, "I have no idea, I don't know what's in the box just who they go to". :-)

When we got back to ElDo a very nice business man gave me 4 tickets to the Springfield Cardinals game on June 2. Just another big benefit of living in a small town where..."Everybody knows everybody, everybody calls me friend...:-)"

Guess where we were Saturday night??


~Heather~ said...

Jana, again I say that those pics of your kids are adorable. Please know that even if they don't win in the cutie contest, they won with me. =) This is a comment that I wrote to all the sweet ladies (you included) that wrote comments on Sarah's Grad. post!

Ladies, y'all are very kind...Thanks for your sweet comments about Sarah's graduation and reception! I COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT GOD AND MY FAMILY'S HELP! We were frantically working all the way up until 2:00 (the time that the graduation was to start) PRAYING HARD that God would help us get everything done. Little did we know that we could have RELAXED for most of our guests arrived 1-2 hours late! =D
Roseanne, the suitcoat and skirt I bought at Savers Thrift store while shopping WITH YOU in Jan.!!=)
God bless each of you, your comments meant a lot to me! I REALLY MISS GETTING TO INTERACT WITH OTHER HOLINESS LADIES! So....Thanks for being my BLOG Buddies! =)
Love, Heather =)

Les said...

I don't see how they couldn't win that contest! Those pics were great!