Thursday, May 10, 2007

*Latest Project*

Tuesday was our last MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting for the year. I am the creative activities leader for our local group. We chose an outdoor/summer theme for this meeting. In keeping with the general topic, I decided to have the moms make flip-flops.

It still cracks me up how similar moms and kids are.... you always have the mom that needs the directions explained just one more time, the mom that has a hard time choosing the color/ style she wants, and then the mom that jumps right in and has her project whipped up in no time...lots of fun. :-)


Les said...

I miss MOPS! I had to stop this year because of my son's school schedule. I will join again next year. I only have 2 more years that I can be in it!

~Heather~ said...

Jana, those flipflops are adorable!! My kids would love to make some like that. I smiled at your comment of how Mothers are like their kids too, needing instructions, having a hard time choosing colors, etc. =)

One time you mentioned a soda cracker pie, or something like that. If you get a chance, I'd love to know what that is...if you could just put a comment on my blog. It sounded interesting.

That's neat that your strawberries are almost ready...How fun!

Thanks for signing my blog.
Love, Heather

~Heather~ said...

Hey girl...THANKS BUNCHES for that pie recipe...I'll look forward to trying it! It sounds good! =)


Love y'all, Heather

Nancy said...

Cute! You look like the perfect person for the job...very creative!

Kendall & Leanna said...

Cute flipflops. Can I place an order? :)