Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kids In The News

My kids made the paper, and the front page to beat!! :-)

Our M.O.P.S. group met last week. Due to it being Spring Break, we had a meeting for school aged kids as well. Super turn out and a great "Safety Party". I hosted the "snack-craft" table. We made edible fire trucks out of graham crackers with red frosting, oreo wheels, a licorice ladder, etc. They turned out very cute. Wish I would have taken my camera...glad someone did.

(l to r- Khara, Joel, Eli, Kaden, Kelsey, Nathaniel, Julianna)


Martha C said...

Making the newspaper was probably very exciting for your kids.

Brenda said...

Awesome - especially the front page!!

Nancy said...

This sounds so fun. Glad to see your kids hit the front page! I would love to see the edible craft...sounds like something Michael would be crazy about making.