Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Enjoying a Few More "Ice" Days

Last Friday and Saturday we were hit with a beautiful ice storm. As a result, we are enjoying a long break from school. School was dismissed early Friday and they have been out ever since. My admiration for home school moms has been growing by leaps and bounds. :-) Kelsey really has been enjoying having Khara around all the time. Kaden just tries to stay out of the way and watch.

"Dress-up" was the chosen activity for more than an hour. They put on "show", after "show".

After supper Mark tried his hand at baking (which he really enjoys but very seldom tries). I sat at the table(within question distance), finishing a project with the girls.

The results were delicious!!

(yes Englund family, he made Monster Cookies)


Joy said...

I'm impressed. Aunt Joy =]

Brenda said...

The girls sure do look like they were having fun and Monster Cookies sound very yummy right now! Kaden's haircut looks good - I think it makes him look so much older already!

Nancy said...

What fun! Too bad we don't live closer...Lauren would LOVE having someone to play dress-up with. We are also jealous of all your winter weather :)

Chris said...

Mark, I am impressed that you can use the Kitchen Aid. I should use ours more.

Chris L

Carrie said...

Wow! I don't even know how to use a Kitchen Aid!!

Tina said...

Good job Markus!! Wish we could be there to share with you all!!

Gene said...

UPS me a batch of those cookies. Chocolate chip/M&M's please.