Monday, January 29, 2007

A Day On The Farm

Saturday Mark and Khara had the privilege of enjoying a day on the farm. My mom and I headed to Springfield to go shopping with Kelsey and Kaden while Mark and Khara stayed back to help my dad shear some of his sheep. Khara hates to shop and loves any chance she can get to be out in the barn with animals.

My parents live on a farm about 15 min. from us where my dad has over 300 sheep. He is trying to get them sheared before they start lambing in a couple of weeks. Mark wanted to help. (Seems a little "inhumane" since the temp. will be around 10 tonight but, if the mother is cold she will come into the barn to lamb instead of some where "out in the back forty".)

Khara stuffed some of the "shearer's moccasins"" with wool so that she could wear the same kind of "shoes" that Dad and Grandpa had on.

After the sheep are sheared the wool is put into these big 6ft. bags. I've never seen a child yet who didn't love to jump in them and stomp the wool. :-)

She had finally had enough and ended up falling asleep in the wool sack. Warm and toasty.
Kelsey and Kaden got to have their turn after we finally made it back from our shopping trip.

Mark, removing the 4" coat- at the end of January~brrrr.

Some are sheared, some are not, let's call it a day.


Leanna said...

Very interesting pics. I have never seen the wool after shearing. I believe I would have chosen shopping over shearing any day though. :)

Brenda said...

Loved these pictures, Jana! I was just explaining to someone at church how much fun it was to jump in those wool sacks.

Martha C said...

I wish we lived close to a farm so my kids could have this kind of fun. You are so fortunate!

Nancy said...

What fun! I'd love to watch the kids in the wool sacks. But I'm with Leanna....I think I'd prefer to shop:) I read this all to Lauren and she thought it sounded pretty neat. I do feel sorry for the sheep's -8 C here. Brrrrr!

Aaron H said...

I really enjoyed your post. Hopefully sometime when we are visiting MO your dad will be shearing some sheep so that I can watch. I have never had the opportunity.

Carrie said...

Well, I'm with Khara here. I think I would really enjoy shearing sheep!

Jana said...

I can't believe you have never seen them sheared!! Where did you fall through the cracks??? The next time you are out, if my memory doesn't fail me, you can not only watch, but take your turn behind the "shearing machine". (Brenda tried it one time, maybe she can remember a few pointers.)

Char said...

That was so interesting...I want the girls to see the pictures...Apparently I'm way to much of a city girl since I've never actually seen lot's of sheep at sheering time...only at the PA Farm Show and that's a grand total of one at a time.
Thanks for commenting on my blog...I love hearing from you and keeping in touch with your family on beats Christmas cards once a year!

Anonymous said...

The Burley girls never cared much for the farm, but Aunt Sarah's Kendra seemed to love it. Khara sounds more like a one of them. :)Cute pics.

Julie said...

It's been years! You probably remember me as Julie Wetherald from our days at GBS. Your children are adorable. I really enjoy reading your blog!

Jana said...

Great to hear from you. It has been a looong time. Now I'm anxious to "catch up" with your family through your blog. :-)