Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Back To Normal

Khara headed back to school today after being off for seven. (sniff, sniff) Kelsey had to start back on Monday. I loved having them home and can't wait 'til summer. I was able to get SO much done and didn't really know why. I had three instead of one???

By 8:30 this morning I quickly remembered. Where I am Kaden thinks he has to be (which is a little flattering for oh, maybe 30 seconds??) He tried dumping laundry, flushing pieces of toilet paper and who knows what else (ask Mark how to"pull"an entire toilet to remove toys), and turning off the computer while I was trying to check your blog. Gotta love little boys.

I did have a very profitable "snow vacation". I went through all three of their closets, got them reorganized and sorted. I love to "buy ahead" but you do have to stay on your toes or you'll miss things or "overstock". (Does Khara really need 8 "April Cornellki" jumper sets??) Anyway, it is a great feeling to open the closet doors and have nice, neat rows smiling back at you. :-)

Maybe it will snow again this year???


Tina said...

I love reading your blog and seeing those little darlings! I'm waiting for my dryer to stop so I can finish taking care of my work clothes for tomorrow, so I thought I'd surf around a little bit. Don't ya just love the internet?!?Love to you all

Jana said...

Thanks for stopping by. Now you just need to start a blog so we can see what you all are up to!! :-)

Martha C said...

Kaden sounds a bit like Ehan! :-)

Martha C said...

Oops, I mean "Ethan." I am so tired from babysitting that I have forgotten how to spell my own kids' names!

Nancy said...

Where are you still finding April Cornell jumpers? Out store in Kenwood shut down...but I still love their clothes. I can't believe how Kaden has lost the baby look. He is such a cute little guy.

Jana said...

Our April Cornell store in K.C. closed as well.:-( I have only been to the actual store one time. I have a friend who uses no limits($) in buying her daughters clothes. When she outgrows them she brings them over(by the car load) to see if I want to buy any of them from her. I consider this another one of God's blessings.

Nancy said...

I'm envious beyond just kidding....enjoy the blessings! I have a friend at church that passes on things too...only not April Cornell :)