Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Karson!!!!

February 22, 2012 my baby boy turned 4!!!! (gulp, gulp...) Being our caboose, each of his milestones seem to hit me just a little harder. :-) What a privilege to be a parent!!

I like to let my kids choose what kind of cake they would like. He has been telling me for several weeks that he wanted a monkey cake. Thanks to pinterest, that request was granted!!Every monkey needs a few bananas.

Karson brings so much joy and happiness to our family!!! He loves to keep things very neat and organized; loves to help out around the house with laundry, dishes, cleaning; is his brothers biggest fan; loves popsicles and icecream sandwiches; loves his BB gun; and is just such a sweet little fellow!!
Khara, Kelsey, and Kaden were out of school on Monday, the day we had his party, so they had fun making some cute birthday banners.

Oh, and the air compressor in our dining room?? :-) Well, Mark is working on putting new tile in two of our bathrooms. He volunteered to move his equipment to the garage but I figured the least I could do was encourage him to keep his tools close and handy while the project is being completed. ;-)

The sign Kaden made for Karson.

Karson is at a great age for gifts. I think every gift he opened was met with a very enthusiastic, "AWESOME"!!! :-)



Brenda said...

O my word - LOVE the monkey cake!! That is so cute! He already looks so much older.

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, Karson!

Anonymous said...

Wow, he's 4 already. Time flies. You did a great job on his cake. I've heard others talk about this pinterest. I need to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but somehow I missed your e-mail on how you fix Khara's hair. Would you mind e-mailing it again? I really appreciate it and I will make sure I look better this time. Thanks