Sunday, February 05, 2012

Christmas 2011-- Home

It has taken me a little longer than I anticipated to finish my Christmas posts. I'm finishing them up today!!! MARCH-- is just around the corner!! ;-)

Enjoying one of our Christmas traditions-- visiting the local museum. My kids LOVE this place!! The elementary students make ornaments for the Christmas trees on display. Kelsey and Kaden had fun finding their ornaments.

Nothing like making, baking, and frosting sugar cookies with four children!!!

I had thought we might share some of the cookies with our neighbors, but when the frosting started being sampled, my plans went another direction. ;-)

Lots of frosting and even more sprinkles-- makes for some oh so yummy cookies!!! :-)

Our plan was to open gifts Christmas Eve. morning. With a little bit of coaxing, we decided to let the kids open their gifts from each other and one gift from us the night before.
Ready to open the first gifts!!

Karson's gifts to Khara and Kelsey.

Saturday morning.

Karson-- thrilled to have his own BB gun!!

Kelsey and Kit!!

An IPOD touch made Khara VERY happy!!!!

Kaden and Karson wanted their tents to be set up right away. Karson ended up sleeping in his several nights, with his BB gun right beside him. :-)

Enjoying the day at my parents with Philip and Dana, Elijah, and Tanner. More gifts!!

Karson LOVES!!! games and was showing Elijah one of his favorites!


Playing with one of Karson's Christmas gifts. Play-dough dentist set!!


Wonderful Christmas memories-- truly it is, the most Wonderful time of the Year!!!


Brenda said...

Aww - loved all the pictures. Khara's expression about the ipod is priceless! Love the picture of Karson w/his gun in the tent, too. So neat!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Hi Jana, Your children are beautiful! It's so fun to see the way Mark's talented wife takes care of his children. Smile. Your Kaden reminds me so much of Mark when he was a boy, and Kaden looks as if he's the kindest young man. The bottom picture where Elijah is copying his cousin's pose is so cute!
It makes my heart happy to see the beautiful family that Jesus has given to Mark. Mark and Greg were the very dearest young men, and I'm grateful that they each got such wonderful wives. It's so much fun to see your gorgeous family, Jana. And, I am touched that Mark got the kind of wife and mother that you are. It's so neat seeing what Jesus does for those he loves. Smile.
With love, Sherry in Arizona
PS - If you ever get an 'extra' family picture, I sure would love to receive one by mail!