Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas Memories--Part 2

We had a great time going to Michigan for New Year's. It's always quite an adventure to make the 700+ mile trip but well worth it. Plus, my kids usually get to see SNOW. Something that seems almost foreign around here anymore. No, I don't believe in global warming, it's just that we don't have the "white stuff" very often.

Snapping a couple of group shots before opening the gifts.
Greg, Stephanie, and family

Gene, Tina, and family

Khara and Ryan-- 6 months apart in age.

Not sure about Kris, but Karson and Harmony are happy to smile for the camera. :-)

Tina and Karson

I think Karson was starting to get a little close to Kaitlynn's gifts.

Well, that concludes my "holiday posts". I guess that is a good thing since it is nearing the end of January. Until next time.......

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