Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pictures From August!

Wow, I just can't hardly believe that August is over. Before we wave it a final goodbye, I'll share a few pictures from our happenings.

The Missouri State Fair:

Kendall and Leanna were at my parent's house that weekend. We all went to the fair for the day.

Karson enjoyed the day! :-)

This is how he fell asleep a couple of times during the day. Chewing, chewing,...zzzzz

The little future Dr./nurses, gazing at the little piglets.

Every year in the Hiland Dairy building they have a butter carving sculpture. I am amazed at the detail and design; very intriguing. I can't remember how many pounds, and pounds of butter they use, but it's a lot!! At the end of the fair they melt it down to use it again next year.

Kendall and Leanna with Karson after church.

Karson has started really enjoying his baby food...

and his ice cream!!! :-)

Kaden's new hobby...a hammer and nails. Kaden LOVES his little hammer. Every year our local pharmacy sends out gift certificates for their customers birthdays. I was in there in May trying to let Kaden "spend" his certificate. We had found some little toys, trinkets, etc. when I asked Kaden if there was anything else he wanted. He said, "yeah, I want that hammer." I told him I didn't think they had hammers in a pharmacy. He took me over to the scrapbooking supplies. There was the hammer-- they say it's for embossing and what not. Kaden found that this little tool works for all kinds of things. Mark did have to tell him, no more nails in the tree trunks. He's all boy!!! :-)


Brenda said...

That butter carving is amazing. We missed the state fair this year - but looks like ya'll had a fun time!

Martha C said...

I love that picture of Karson chewing on his stroller! :-) Really made me chuckle.