Monday, August 18, 2008

Hey, I'm still around just being kept very busy these last few days of summer break. Kendall and Leanna came to Mo. Aug. 7. and were able to stay for several days. We had a great time going to the Mo. State Fair, fishing, enjoying homemade ice cream, eating great Mexican food, etc. We then started church camp last Sunday and enjoyed going to around 15 services. 6 people x 2 outfits(at least) per day x 8 days.....guess what I did today?? :-)

Tomorrow Mark is taking a day off and we're heading to the big city to finish up school shopping and have one more fun family outing. I promised a Chuck E. Cheese trip several weeks ago and they haven't forgotten. :-) Khara and Kelsey start back to school on Thursday which seems totally impossible! This has truly been the quickest summer ever for me!! They are excited to go back and I anticipate another great year. They both were placed in classes with great teachers! (Praise the Lord, this is always a matter of prayer and big concern for me!)

Well, I'm off to grab a few hours of sleep before we hit the stores runnin'. Hopefully I can take a minute to get that camera plugged in here before to long. Have a Terrific Tuesday!!!


Julie said...

Have fun back-to-school shopping! I think I am done shopping for Mollie. She starts Kindergarten tomorrow and we have Open House this evening. She is very excited. Her birthday is the 28th of August and we're thinking about going to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate. Kids just love that place! :-)

Anonymous said...

Have fun shopping! My kids start back on Monday and are ready to see their friends. It just seems like the summer has flown by for us. Oh well, I guess that happens the older you get:)