Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Just What The Dr. Ordered??

We woke up this morning to low temps. and snow. That always signals to me, a great day to bake!! I tried a new recipe for cinnamon rolls and am very pleased with the results!!! I had just taken them out of the oven when Khara got home and she asked me to leave one pan unfrosted. Talk about a soft roll, wow!! The filling is darker because it is all brown sugar and cinnamon, no white--yum, yum. :-)



I considered freezing one pan, before letting them raise for the last time, for future use but then decided against it. Khara, Kelsey, and Kaden just finished enjoying them for their afternoon snack and well, let's just say there is not a chance that we will have stale cinnamon rolls sitting around our house in a couple of days. Definitely a keeper recipe!!!


Brenda said...

Looks like so good, but I can't imagine why Khara would want them without the frosting! I need to get this recipe from you.

Tamra said...

Wow! Those look scrumptious! I wouldn't mind if you posted the recipe! I am to host a men's prayer breakfast soon, and I think those would go over real well.

dorcas said...

Those look so wonderful! I too would love the recipe. I can see wider hips in my future!

Stephanie said...

Oh, yum!! You are fantastic in the kitchen! I'm still thinking about the rolls you made at New Year's!

Rob and Deanna said...

Looks Delish!! Where's the recipe? ;-)

Adam & Val said...

YUM! Those look awesome!

Misty said...

Those look SO yummy!!! I will have to make some this weekend :-)

Judith Atnip said...

They look great. I am with the others. Post the recipe, please!

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