Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Back at The Wheel"

Wow, I'm posting for the first time as a mother of four!!! What an incredible and amazing thing!! We feel so blessed!!!! I still can hardly believe he has arrived. (Khara even told me today that she has pinched herself a hundred times, still can't believe she has a new baby brother ;).

After a little concern about having a bigger than normal baby, my Dr. wanted to have me come in at 39 weeks for induction. We were scheduled to go in Thursday night but Thursday brought lots of ice (again) so we opted to wait until Friday morning to go in. 14 hours later we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy 10 lbs. 1 oz.!! I never would have dreamed...:-) The delivery went incredibly well and quick, my Dr. even said, "God really helped you today." I am still in awe over the whole day and am reminded again of what an amazing creator we serve!!! Mark writes it down as one of the best days of his life, so after Karson was born and I told him I wouldn't mind having 3 or 4 more he took it, umm, decently well. :-)

Meeting Karson for the first time.

One of my wonderful babysitters. I'm still dealing with the "It's my turn to hold him now". :-) They are a wonderful help!!

Ready to come home from the hospital with our little 1 1/2 day old baby.

How's that for a reaction about being put in your car seat for the first time ??

Home Sweet Home.

Today~ finally a fully awake w/eyes open shot! :-)


Carrie said...

It looks like Karson is settling in nicely. The girls are going to be great helpers!

Nancy said...

Congratulations! So glad he here and healthy! The name was a good choice...I think it fits right in with the other "k's" He's just adorable. I can see why the big sisters want to hold him! So happy for your family!

Kim Davis said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!What a nice family! God bless you all with the new little one!

Stephanie said...

Glad things are going well at home! The "It's my turn..." will probably (with any luck) wear off shortly. :) Mrs. Dugger said that 4 are more difficult than 14, so go ahead and give it a try! I don't think Mark would mind! :) The worst part for me is getting everyone up, fed and dressed each morning...I run home at least one day a week to grab something I've forgotten!
By the way, Karson is a cutie!

Luanna J. Wright said...

Check out my blog for info about mom's first doctor's appointment!


Julie said...

Jana, Karson is just adorable. How sweet that his big sisters are so in love with him! I'm sure they will be a big help to you. By the way, you looked great in the getting-ready-to-go-home picture! Congratulations once again.

GT Burley's said...

Congrats!!! He is adorable! So how does it feel to have four Burleys?
Have fun. and love you all!

june75 said...

Congratulations!!! He is so cute. You have a nice family. Im sure that you will be even more busy.

~Heather~ said...

Congrats! Mark and Jana, he's adorable! I'm sure his siblings are thrilled to have him here too. I'm sooo happy to hear that your delivery went well with that big of a baby. With my Noah weighing in at 10 6.7 oz. I thought I would be in a wheelchair the rest of my life. =D
Our kids cannot wait for our baby to come. If you get a chance and want to, you'll have to stop by my blog and see my huge baby bump...and I'm only 6 months along...by IHC time I'll have to rent a tent to wear. HA!
Love y'all, and again Congrats on a handsome new son! =)

Rhonda Wittenmyer said...

Congrats to your new baby! He looks adorable! I'm sure he will be a great bball player like his daddy with his height! You have an adorable family and blessed very much! Now big brother has someone to walk in his shadow. When i came home from the hospital with my thirdborn (daughter),my eight year old asked if i could hurry up and get pregnant so he could have baby brother. Ha! if only it was that easy! Rhonda(shillington) Wittenmyer

Les said...

He's so cute!! Welcome to the "mother of four" club!

Anonymous said...

Mark & Jana,
Congratulations! I found your blog off of someone else's and knew there weren't that many Burley's around. What a beautiful baby and family.
Sharon Cowherd