Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Results Are In!!!

The tiny knife in the above pic is what Mark had to use to gut out his deer. He has a great hunting knife, but since it's only used once a year-- "oh where, oh where has my hunting knife gone, .. oh where, oh where can it be..."

Friday night we had 5 family members join us. (see previous blog) Three serious hunters and two faithful wives. Kary Arender, Anthony and Adrian Arender, and Timothy and Holly Arender. Mark along with the 3 guys and Holly headed into the woods early Saturday morning. I had three children as my excuse to stay under the covers and Adrian is due in three weeks with her first.

Timothy and Holly were back hanging their deer up before 8:30 a.m. They all came in for lunch then the men headed back out. Mark got a 6 point buck, and a nice doe that afternoon. Best of luck this week Kary and Anthony!!

Adrian, Holly, and I got to catch up on a lot of "girl talk". It was great getting to know each other better and lots of fun!!!
For those who may have a weaker stomach, this is part of the process before it goes down your throat. :-)


Johnny Menace said...

awesome... did you make boots out of it?

Brenda said...

Way to go Mark and Timothy! Sounds like you all had a lot of fun, Jana. I bet Khara and Kelsey loved all the action.

Jana said...

khara and Kelsey did love it. They would love to have company every night I think.

Anonymous said...

Mark & Jana. I can't believe I finally - with the help of your
mom, Mark, got to these pictures.
How adorable. Makes my heart sing. :) I will keep looking
here for more pics along the way.
Jana, I am praying for you in your recent loss and resultant illness.

Love to all - give those little ones a hug from Aunt Joy. Would have loved to have seen you all when you were here recently. :)