Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter Week Activites--- one of my favorite weeks of the year!!!!

Easter Egg Hunts:

Checking to see if any prize slips were found....

YES!!! Karson found one in one of his eggs!!!  His winning:  this huge Easter basket!! HAPPY BOY!!!!!

Fun Easter treats ready for classroom parties.

A super cute Easter activity that Kaden made at his class party:  S'mores in  a jar. They were delicious!! 

Painting baskets in 2nd grade.  I tried to be a brave parent and just let them "be creative" with the paint.  Thankfully, only a couple went home with painted clothes.  :-)

Finished products, ready to be filled with eggs.

For Karson's pre-school class I decided painting the buckets at home would be the wisest thing to do.  :-) All filled with candy, ready to be handed out!!

Ready, set, go... find those eggs!!

Egg dyeing!!!  Every year I think I will start doing this at other times besides just Easter.  We all have so much fun doing this!!!!

Karson made a little welcome sign for the Easter bunny, complete with carrot.   YES, he knows its just pretend!!!  But, it's also fun!!!!  :-)

Sunday morning Easter baskets!!


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Brenda said...

Loved all the pictures - Easter is SO fun! That basket Karson won is so nice - nearly as tall as he is! Addy said she wanted to go to your house to dye eggs. :-)