Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Adventure

 A couple of months ago we thought it would be fun to introduce our children to the world of baby chicks.  What fun it has been!!!!  We ordered them from a local store and anxiously awaited the arrival day!  Karson and I went to pick them up and the fun began. 

 A few supplies and we were ready to begin.

 Poor chicks got quite the squeezing those first few days!!

 After several days of living in a box, then being moved to a big tote, they were ready for a new home.  Mark used his wonderful handyman skills and built this ever so handy chicken coop. 

 Enjoying their new home!!

Now we are just anxiously awaiting for the first eggs to appear in a couple of months.  Fun, Fun!! :-)

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Brenda said...

All the kids look so happy! Clayton said the chicks are cute and asked if we could get some! :-)