Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Michigan Trip

Over Memorial Day Weekend we took a trip to Michigan to attend the wedding of Mark's niece, Harmony. We enjoyed a great time of cooler weather and lots of family fun.

At the church, Evan and Kelsey want to see just how long this wedding is going to last!! ;-)

Khara and Kelsey passed out the programs.

The cousins and their cameras...

Kaitlyn and Karson hanging out before the ceremony.

Two of my favorite guys!!!

Harmony and Chris

All of the cousins except for Karson who had fallen asleep.

The Burley family

Pretty reception

Monday morning we all went out for breakfast:
Ryan must have thought it was still just a little too early. Kelsey on the other hand...

The other half of the table.

A really neat tree on Chris and Harmonys property. Perfect for pictures.

On our way back to Missouri we just had to make a quick stop and let the kiddos see the beautiful lake. I could have spent hours there--- Beautiful.


Brenda said...

Enjoyed the pictures. When Clayton saw the picture of Khara and Kelsey handing out the programs he said, "Aw - look at their cute dresses." :-)

Jana said...

Clayton is so funny!!! I love his comments!! Khara and Kelsey were just talking yesterday about how they cannot WAIT until he comes out here!!! :-)

Nancy said...

i love the way you match the girls dresses. you do so well getting it all put together. your girls are always so pretty!