Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Turkey Time!!!

A couple of weeks ago, Mark took a VERY excited Kaden on his first turkey hunt. They/I/ WE ALL were thrilled when a couple of hours later they had dropped their first bird!! They both LOVED the experience, I think they're hooked for life. I'm sure I'll eventually get use to hearing all that practicing on turkey calls!!!

Getting ready to clean the bird. Which by the way, the meat is fantastic!!! Mark has several "hunting buds" that gave him specific directions on how to prepare/cook it. Delicious!!!

Two happy hunters!!! Kaden is so blessed with an incredible dad that takes the time to let him experience some of the finer things in life!!! Memories to last a lifetime!!


The Dickinsons said...

Your title caught my eye...so I had to see why you were talking about Turkeys in the middle of May. =) Congrats to your men...that's a nice turkey! I grew up in a house with 3 hunters, so like hunting stories. =)
Happy Belated Mother's day! =)

Brenda said...

That's awesome! Kaden looks soooo happy!!