Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let The Good Times Roll

Just stoppin' in to make a quick post amid a very busy week. Khara had a school play today--Excellent Job!! Kaden had his Spring program tonight--So cute!! Kindergarten pigs, ducks, and farmers singing their little hearts out made for a great program. Kelsey's class has been studying fiddler crabs and dwarf African frogs. Today she adopted two of them!! The aquarium is once again set up. (I've questioned my sanity a couple of times since them, but she's happy). :-)

This weekend my great friend, Jennifer Clines, gets married!!!! Rehearsal, dinner, and bridal shower tomorrow, followed by walking down the aisle on Saturday afternoon!!! Sooo excited and happy for her!!! Theeeennnn, on Sunday morning bright and early I'm taking off on a long road trip to visit all my siblings!!!!! So, to some of my faithful readers... I'll see you in a couple of days--Can't wait!!! :-) Have a fantastic weekend!!!


Brenda said...

Yeah!! We can't wait either! Clayton said at breakfast yesterday that he wanted Khara and Kelsey to come to his house. He has no idea (yet) that his wish will soon come true!!

Robert said...

What a busy week!!

Tell Jennifer we said Congratulations!! Take/post lots of pictures for us!

Carrie said...

Oops!! That wasn't Robert!!! :o

Rob and Deanna said...

Looking forward to seeing pictures of her wedding. :-) So happy for her too!

The Dickinsons said...

I hope that you are having/had fun being with your family. I know how much I LOVE the times when I get to visit with my sibblings/family.

Love and miss y'all!