Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Beginning of Another School Year!!

I can't hardly believe it, but our summer is over!! Last Tuesday, Khara, Kelsey, and Kaden started school!! Khara is in 5th grade, Kelsey- 3rd, and Kaden started Kindergarten! They are all loving it!!!! (the 'before 7a.m. rising time', not so much) :-)

The Monday night before the first day of school they got to meet their teacher at Open House. Khara and Kelsey at ElDo public school.

Kelsey with her very sweet 3rd grade teacher!!!

Khara with her 5th grade teacher. Khara just loves her!!! My mom is also one of the 5th grade teachers. Khara gets to have her for math which made her very happy!!! :-)

Kaden at his Open House at the ElDo Christian School.

He found his cubby!!

Getting personal instruction from his teacher as to where to put all of his supplies!!

Kaden with his wonderful Kindergarten teacher!

First day of school--yep it was a little early for them but they were excited!

Leaving my little guy for his first day of kindergarten. When you've been with someone nearly all day every day for 5 years, this has been quite an adjustment. Time marches on.... So thankful for great schools, excited learners, and wonderful teachers. Praying for a wonderful year for all three of them!!! :-)


The Salisburys said...

So sweet of all your children! Their teachers all seem so nice!

We start our second year of homeschooling on Monday. We aren't realllllly excited about the early rising either!!

Hope you all have a great school year!

Brenda said...

They all look so happy and cute for their first day of school! I didn't know Kelsey had lost a tooth! :-)

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how they grow so quickly and time flys. They all look so excited for school. Hope you have a happy school year.

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Dear Jana,
The picture of your four children at the top of your blog is such a nice picture of them. They look beautiful!
You have made the very nicest wife for Mark!
I love you guys!
Aunt Sherry and Uncle Bud in Phoenix