Monday, December 08, 2008

My first attempt at English Toffee--

WOW--we love this stuff!! Super easy to make, though it did take just a little longer than expected to cook which caused us to be a couple of minutes late to church last night.--ooops! I sent some home to my parents and hope to deliver some to my grandpa later today. I don't need a full batch of it sitting around--did I mention I really like it! :-)

In other happenings, Mark celebrated birthday #32 last week! We had one of his favorite "cakes", Cheesecake! I still marvel at what an amazing husband, father, provider....God blessed me/us with!!

Karson, up early to say"Good-morning" before Mark left for work.

Well, I'm off to put my nursing badge back on again. I feel like we have been hit with a plague these past couple of weeks. Khara came down with strep throat the Friday after Thanksgiving, Kaden was diagnosed the following Tuesday.

Early Saturday morning Kelsey came walking in our bedroom and let us know she had gotten very sick. To keep my readers from getting sick, let's just say I changed all the bedding, and all of her clothes around 4a.m. We had pictures scheduled for later on that day and I just knew that was off. Lots of prayers were prayed and thankfully, she never threw up anymore. I seriously feel like she was healed. We were able to go ahead with the appointment and have a great Saturday; went out to eat, watched the parade...a miracle.

Now we're on to Monday. Poor Khara must have caught it from Kelsey. I was up at least 15 times (and I'm not stretching that number) with her last night. She is still resting in bed at 12:00 and I'm hoping time and lots of rest will get her on the road to recovery!!!

If this is the last post for a week or two, you'll know I caught the dreaded bug!! AAAAHHHHH!!


Anonymous said...

The toffee looks yummy!

So sorry to hear about the sickness at your house. My family has already gone through that so I know EXACTLY waht you are going through. Hope everyone gets feeling better.

Happy belated birthday Mark!

Tamra said...

The toffee looks delicious! Hope you don't catch that dreadful bug!

Brenda said...

That toffee does look wonderful - can I have the recipe? Love the picture of Karson and Mark (they both look a little sleepy) :-).

My Life in Pictures said...

Ugh! Sorry, sickness is no fun, but being sick with kids is the worst! lol I hope it missed you. Tell Mark I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can second the fact that he probably really is a great dad and husband. He was always a great friend as well. :-)

The Arender's said...

Your toffee looks so good. Maybe you could share your recipe ;-)

Missy said...

Yum...please post the recipe. Looks like just what my pregnant self needs. Or should I say...wants! lol!

Hope you are still in good health!