Monday, October 06, 2008

"Oh, What a Beautiful Morning...."

It's another Monday morning. Karson was awake EARLY and is now playing , Kaden is still sleeping-- YAYYY, Mark is off to work, and the girls are on their way to school. AAAHHH!! Maybe I can get a little update in before I take on the mound of laundry, full dishwasher ready to be unloaded, a certain little girls' bedroom that needs to be straightened, know, all of those wonderful tasks that we face on Monday mornings.

We loved having Dana and Philip around last weekend for a visit. The Walnut Festival was that weekend so that is where we were found Saturday.

Waiting for the parade to begin, sporting the star crowns that Phil bought them.

For those of you who get a little nervous around clowns: here's a pic. for you. Kaden took off to the back when he saw this guy coming. :-)

Talk about a bright, sunny day. I'm still trying to teach my children that you get a better pic. if the subject is not having to stare directly into the sunlight.

Dana and Kelsey enjoyed some of the delicious Festival Food. I tried deep fried oreos for the first time. YUM!!!


Last week Kaden, Karson and I took advantage of this beautiful Fall weather and went to the park with some friends.

Kaden letting Camille push him while he enjoys the ride.

Camille and Karson having a little "heart to heart".

Enjoying the day.


I am so thankful I can stay home and enjoy these little guys all day!! They keep the days busy, but oh-so-fun!!

Best Buds!!!

Karson is changing so fast!!! Just last week, he started crawling on all fours really well, got both of his top teeth in, and started saying "da-da". (Yeah, Mark stands even a little taller now :-). He is such a precious little guy!!!!

Well, I'm off to say "good-morning" to some laundry and some dishes. Have a wonderful Monday!!!


Brenda said...

Enjoyed this update and I love your new blog layout. Wish we could have been at the Walnut Festival!

Kendall & Leanna said...

Enjoyed the update and pictures. It looks like Kaden & Karson do keep life interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice update and yes, I know all about Monday morning chores-)
Your little guys are so oldest "little" guy is up to my chin now:( They grow waaay too fast!

Stephanie said...

Wow! I cannot believe how fast Karson is growing! Maybe he can teach Allison how to crawl - or how to grow teeth! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mark and Jana,

How are you guys? We caught up with your parents(Mark) at campmeeting and they gave us your blog site. You guys have a beautiful family. Seems so many of us have 4 kids now! How long have you been canning? I have begged people to teach me and they never would. Now I am teaching myself:) Drop us a line!
Kendra Miller